thoughts running squares in my head

I had this friend @ a church camp when I was 15 tell me, “Elise, thoughts don’t run circles in your head, they run squares.” Totally true! Ever since then, I’ve used that to explain how my thoughts feel in my head. Almost every day this week, I was thinking about what I would blog, but couldn’t seem to stick to one thing! In my head, thoughts are going one way, then that leads to a tangent thought which bumps & leads to another thought, and then I have a square!

I’ve spent the week mulling over what I would want to blog about. I still haven’t decided, but I wanted to let people know that I have been thinking about it! I like to get stuff done, especially stuff that doesn’t “re-propagate” (like laundry, picking up, vacuuming, etc.).

So, this week I more leave you all with an “informational” blog. 😉 I have made my own “moby wrap” which is a way to wear your baby, securely. I can’t use the baby carrier that I bought, because it hurts my back. A good friend of mine (Thanks so much Becky Loar! You rock, girl!) told me about how to make a wrap & showed me how to wrap it. It’s brilliant!

To make your own moby wrap link:

I used 5 yards of 100% cotton knit. My fabric doesn’t quite stretch as much as I would like, so I could have used another ½ a yard or so. BUT, it works. I would suggest getting 6 yards if 5’6” or shorter (or if short in the torso), so that you can have enough IF your fabric doesn’t stretch well either. You can always cut off excess fabric, or keep the wrap longer if you decide to baby wear for a larger child, or longer period of time! J If you are over 5’6” (or long in the torso), I would suggest 7 yards or more. Remember, it makes 2 wraps, so check with friends to see if maybe they want to share the cost & benefits with you!

How to tie a moby wrap link:

Me, baby wearing theminione @ Renaissance Festival February 15, 2010 (not wrapped according to the directions on the moby wrap link above, but I was still able to wear her for about 80% of the day & didn’t really hurt my back, much. Her weight is less than 18lbs.)!/photo.php?pid=3417600&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=1113409084&id=584563794

Any questions? Shoot me a message!

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