Making independent music with Kings No More

Okay, I have been absent for awhile. Mostly because the spring semester at ASU just wrapped up, finals and all that. So, I am in a band. Nothing major, we are independent and like the music. In June of 2007 we created an album that is comprised of 6 tracks all recorded in one shot on a four-track recorder. In total we spent about 3 hours recording and our engineer spent 4-6 hours mixing. Still, a big thanks to Killing Time Productions for helping us out. Everything adds to experience in the music biz. It was a bit of rush job because we wanted to have merch for our first summer camp we were playing at. Not a lot of production value in the recordings. I spent a few days working on the album art and letting my graphic design side run wild. I’ve posted that album art at the end. Continue reading “Making independent music with Kings No More”