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I really tried to put a lot of thought into my blogger name. I’m very big into names, sometimes a bit more than necessary! I even “collect” names, mostly “E” names & middle names. I’ve found that many people do put stock in their names & their names meanings. I considered “themomone” but that is NOT all that I am (even though it does feel like it some days!). “thewifeone” was definitely not an accurate description of who I am completely, either. thetallone is actually the one who came up with my name, & I have to say, he did a decent job! It’s not as limiting as the other names I considered. As for me,  I’ve always really liked my given name. I know a number of people who like their first name, or their middle name, but not always both! I don’t always count a last name, since sometimes that can change…. 😉 I think a name is important, whether it’s the name your parents gave you @ birth, or one you find along the way. What do you think? Do you like your given name, or have a nickname you think suits you best?

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  1. i like names. I feel names are an important thing. my given name…”Andrea” is a nice name, but my mother didn’t name me. it just so happens that i was in the womb at the time my maternal grandmother was sniping about only ever naming one other grandchild out of…..more than 20 at the time. LUCKY ME! so i like….scratch that, LOVE my nickname! so, with my kids, we (and i say we very loosely since Nate only gives a BIT of two-sense) choose names wisely. i hope the kids will like their names when they grow up, but they get to decide on going by a given name w/ everyone or a nickname….when they’re older. LOL!

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