movies that are too real

I enjoy movies. I like different kinds of movies, mostly the kind that have an ending where almost everyone ends up happy (or @ least content & resolved of issues!). But, movies that are too real… those I don’t enjoy as much. One I just watched it called “Motherhood” with Uma Thurman, Anthony Edwards, and Minnie Driver. It’s about a mother who tries to write a daily blog to keep her writing skills up to par & to keep herself from getting lost in “motherhood.” She & her husband work out a way for her to do both, @ the end of the movie. I have been thinking a lot recently about this very thing. I don’t think that it matters whether you are a stay @ home mom, or a working mom (both types of moms are full-time, anyway!), but it is very easy to get consumed by your children & all that must be done to take care of them. So, the problem is finding the balance between staying involved & having a non-child life as well. It’s a difficult thing. When I just had theblondeone I think that it was easier for me, because she has always been a very good independent player & it has always been a very simple child to entertain (mostly just putting something in front of her that interests her & she is content). I was still able to read many books & was able to keep up with some of my craft stuff. Now that theminione has arrived in our lives, I have much less free time to keep up with “just me” things. I read some books, but have barely any time for my crafts. I wouldn’t want my children to be gone, but the addition of any others requires some serious thought on my part!

To those of you out there who have one, two or even more children, this blog is for you! Find one thing that you can get a sitter for, or your significant other could maybe help out on, one thing that YOU enjoy doing! One thing that makes you feel satisfied, fulfilled, happy! I know that in my life, when I use time to do the things that I love, I am a better mother, wife, me! Now, if you are lucky, you can find something that gives you adult conversation, you time, and makes you money. I’m not sure there are many things out there like that, but don’t stop searching!

Movies that sometimes hit too close to home are not always enjoyable. Life is already real, I don’t always need a reminder of that. The movie “Motherhood” does remind me that there is space in my life for some time to myself, to keep me healthy, if I just take the time to look for it & make it happen. I wouldn’t say that it is completely accurate on it’s portrayal of motherhood, but I definitely have those kind of days that the movie shows Uma Thurman’s character having where you forget there is more to you than just motherhood.

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