Being accountable to my husband (and best friend) is difficult sometimes, but I would not change him for the world. I like having someone that can call me on my crap (most times). Sometimes I have a LOT of it! It’s even better when you can call them on their crap as well! I really don’t know what I would do w/out someone that I trust so much. Thetallone and I have been through a lot. Not as much as some, but definitely more than others. He stayed when I was pregnant (especially the first time! I was NOT fun to be around.), he takes care of the girls while I work weekends, etc. But, sometimes, I would just like to get away with something. I would like to hide in my book for a couple of days. Or hide in the computer. To not have someone call me on it, or keep me accountable to the person I want to be. The mom who is here, and present. The wife who remembers to ask her husband how school/work/life is. The good friend who remembers to check in on her “people.” Usually, I get over the feeling of wanting to stay hidden pretty quickly. All it takes is to get myself back from my “hidey hole” then I realize what I’ve been missing!

Accountability has been a part of our relationship since we were in high school. Our life has changed a lot since then. We have our lovely daughters and our crazy dog (Kaleb). We have a large group of friends who care about us, our kids, our life. We even have other people outside of our marriage who call us on our crap! We are grown-ups now, and not 16 years old, anymore. I understand a lot more about who thetallone is/was & he understands a lot more about me as well. And, he even calls me on my crap. I so gotta love that! I really hope all of you have @ least one person in your life that you trust with who you are as a person. Believe me, life is better w/out all the crap!

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