Y2k: Year 2000

[pro-player width=’575′ height=’430′ type=’FLV’]http://www.danielvincent.com/video/projects/Y2k.flv[/pro-player]

It looks like film because it is; 16mm. I had done some editing on Avid Cinema in High School (we had one computer that did it) and I was determined to edit digitally. Remember this was 1999 we are talking about, my cell phone has more power than the computer I put this together on.

The project was to create a film about the whole Y2k freakout that was happening at the time. I now find the subject matter ironic as I work in software development now but clearly expressed my thoughts about computers then. Oh well.

A special thanks to my future wife Elise for putting up with the hours of hot lights and a very late night.

Class: TCM136 Post Production for Motion Pictures/Television
Year: Fall 1999
Credits: Director, Editor (Video/Music), Guitar Player, Cinematographer
Tools: Telecine to Avid Cinema 1.0

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