Christian != Republican

You would think it wouldn’t be that hard understand. It seems that “everybody” likes to generalize and put people in their labeled cubbyholes when they don’t agree with their worldview. Wait, did I just do that? It seems so much easier to group types of people together rather than to set aside a given perception and deal with the individual. it seems all “Christians” are perceived as right-wing conservative republicans. It also seems that most people are okay with that generalization. However if “Christians” dislikeĀ  something that makes us “racists”, “hypocrites” or “bigots”? Believe me when I say, I know there are some amongst the body of believers. But again, don’t we all do it? Continue reading “Christian != Republican”

Why so “busy”?

I have been wondering lately, and it seems like it keeps coming up, why are we so “busy”? You ever ask somebody how they are doing and they say “I’m ‘busy'”. Since when did “busy” become a reflection of the emotional state of our lives? “Busy” is something we do, not something we are.

“Busy” is an excuse not a reason. I say that because “busy” seems to be a way for me to become so preoccupied on a day-to-day basis that I am missing out on life. Like lately, I have been to “busy” to blog. I haven’t really been so preoccupied that I couldn’t sit down and write something for the great ether to diseminate, just that I didn’t want to make the time to do it. I that case, “busy” could mean lazy. Continue reading “Why so “busy”?”

Boldy going where no reboot has gone before…

Star Trek XI Poster
Star Trek XI Poster

In 1966 Gene Rodenberry had an idea for a “wagon train to the stars.” In the midst of the ever popular western, Gene wanted to offer up something completely different. The idea that the people of Earth had put aside their differences and now worked towards the betterment of all mankind rather than for personal gain. Okay, so it takes place in the 23rd century and they wear kooky outfits and they can zip around the universe in the blink of an eye. And yes, the Captain talks funny, we can all see the strings and they always kill the guy in the red shirt. Those are just some of the things that made “Star Trek” what it is today. Storylines about morality, racism, oppression and friendship underpinned the whole series. Good characters, diverse characters, working together in a time before Martin Luther King, Jr inspired us all with a dream; Gene Rodenberry had a vision. Continue reading “Boldy going where no reboot has gone before…”

Making independent music with Kings No More

Okay, I have been absent for awhile. Mostly because the spring semester at ASU just wrapped up, finals and all that. So, I am in a band. Nothing major, we are independent and like the music. In June of 2007 we created an album that is comprised of 6 tracks all recorded in one shot on a four-track recorder. In total we spent about 3 hours recording and our engineer spent 4-6 hours mixing. Still, a big thanks to Killing Time Productions for helping us out. Everything adds to experience in the music biz. It was a bit of rush job because we wanted to have merch for our first summer camp we were playing at. Not a lot of production value in the recordings. I spent a few days working on the album art and letting my graphic design side run wild. I’ve posted that album art at the end. Continue reading “Making independent music with Kings No More”

Did I mention I went to film school?

If you didn’t know that yet, now you do. I love the idea of putting a series of images together and telling a story. I have done work behind the camera and in front of it. Personally I prefer being behind it. I love editing, I can’t explain why but I love editing. It would drive most people absolutely nuts sitting in front of a computer and watching the same thing over and over trying to nail down the pacing. Looking at what shots should go where and how long they should be to keep with the flow of the piece. In my brain it is fun. My wife says she doesn’t understand how I can do it (she watched me do it once). It is an art form, it is subjective. However, I do think that there are good editors and bad editors. Michael Khan is probably my top inspiration when it comes to editing, he gets it. Michael doesn’t interfere in the story, he drives it. You have seen his movies and probably don’t even know it. Don’t believe me, check out his IMDB page.

Anyway, I am getting my Video section built and would love comments and feedback on my own work. Check it out.